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Schlumberger SIS App

The team and I at Imagination were tasked with creating a comprehensive content library showcasing Schlumberger SIS’s (Schlumberger Information Solutions) three main areas of expertise: Geoscience, Drilling and Petroleum Engineering. The app had to be future-proofed to enable continuous updates and be easily adapted for exhibition touchscreen environments.


Exhibition, UX / UI Design, App Design






Stuart Williams | Viviana Stecconi

Working closely with Schlumberger, we created an iPad app that is as striking as it is informative. It features a variety of engaging content, including: games, image sliders and animations, all brought together with a slick and intuitive

This ensures that the full story could be told in a number of ways to keep the audience interested and engaged when interacting with large amounts of information.


We created templates, and a unique visual design language that took from Schlumberger's Global Brand, Photography and Asset Library. The interface kept true to the Schlumberger brand, but presented the information in easily digestible tidbits, so that either a novice, or geoscientist could readily understand the content.


App has been distributed to Schlumberger’s 5,000-strong salesforce.

The content is being repurposed for Schlumberger’s exhibition programme, which debuted at EAGE 2016. The app will become the basis for Schlumberger’s on-going content platform.

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