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Rolls-Royce is synonymous with world-class engineering across the globe. But, as its business becomes increasingly digital and data-driven, it needs to attract exceptional people with the relevant skills to keep pace with its focus and ambitions. That meant reaching a new type of candidate: one who may never have thought that Rolls-Royce is the place where they can find the career they’re looking for.


UX / UI Design, Creative Direction




Gareth Moore | Jonathan Pickup


We had to rapidly change perceptions, and capture imaginations. Data and digital specialists are some of the most sought-after people in the careers market. Capturing their attention means competing with the biggest technology players out there. That’s a task that is all the harder when the general consensus is that you are not a digitally focused, data-driven company.


In the case of Rolls-Royce, it meant that we had to tackle the challenge of raising awareness and generating interest before we could think about encouraging potential employees to apply. We also needed to work closely with the digital team to source stories, insights, and expertise from across the business to bring the incredible work happening at Rolls-Royce to light.



The personas were a vital tool in highlighting the need to develop Rolls-Royce’s existing employer brand to meet the specific interests and motivations of this new target talent group. This meant pushing the tone of voice, rethinking messaging, and creating a distinct visual language for data and digital. This informed the development of new web pages and the creation of new video and animation assets.

Partnering with a robotics start-up, the campaign tapped into the love of coding, challenges and on-the-fly development we knew our potential applicants held, pitting applicants against one another and the Rolls-Royce team. The races were promoted internally and externally, across social media and the Rolls-Royce website, with applicants taking part virtually and all races live streamed over Twitch – a favoured platform for the talent the campaign aimed to recruit.


The combination of specific, long-tail keyword research and a highly-focused targeted audience allowed us to capture the very niche industry that is small business bookkeeping and accounting. Providing valuable, relevant, and up-to-date content for small business owners and entrepreneurs allowed Bench to compete organically with much larger platform providers.

In addition, honing link building efforts towards very granular yet digestible accounting and bookkeeping information provided organic visibility for high volume searches. Segmenting that information into a newly migrated blog also made it very easy for consumers in regard to accessibility and user-experience.


Massive YoY improvement with organic results! We were able to drastically improve their organic search performance YoY. From October 1st, 2018 to September 30, 2019, Bench saw:


race applicants


unique page views


campaign page sessions


of conversions driven by Facebook

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