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ArcelorMittal Annual Report Portal

ArcelorMittal was on a journey to revolutionise their integrated reporting experience, so that their audience would cease getting lost along the way. We were tasked with setting the foundations of the review, and setting the vision over a three year roll out, so that ArcelorMittal could evolve wither review year on year, with the confidence to know where they were going.


UX / UI Design, Data Visualisaton






Gareth Moore

Our goals were to help communicate with end users through an evolving digital experience that delivered real on-going value. We chose an user-centric design approach that ensures that we could meet the information needs and stay ahead of the evolving digital expectations of ArcelorMittal's diverse audience. Meaning, we could engage and communicate with the people that matter more effectively.

Using a single digital platform, we unified all content so that it was easily shareable and reviewable across the website. This integration also added interactive features and design elements, meaning that users could get more from their reporting budget. Integrated insights and reporting functionality meant we could monitor usage and performance, so we could optimise areas for delivering maximum value.


We created a new design inspired by the SD report and website. We mapped the process so the steps we were taking were crystal clear to all involved. We then started creating a visual design language rich in diagrams, pull-out stats and highlights, featuring our new 'integrated world' illustrations and 3D interactive animations, based on the original SD report.


We identified a series of features to improve the user experience and add depth to the review to aid analysis. Most were available at launch, but most were set to be rolled out in a 3 year period.


Slide-out ‘further reading’ headlines and video panel - pulls contextual headlines and videos from across site for those that want the full story (Y1).

Slide-out interactive map panel provides information on assets and projects together with geographical performance data (Y3).


Slide-out data charting panel provides contextual historic data and custom charting (Y3)



Switchable content view - rich layout with infographics, mini charts etc and text only (Y1).

Fully featured PDF generator & downloads (Y1).

Mega-menu for quick navigation to deeper content (Y1).


Review-only search for targeted searching (Y1).


Review search included in main site search (filterable) to increase visibility (Y1).

Comprehensive usage data collected
through google analytics, accessed
through Google Analytics, Foresee and HotJar integrations (Y1).

Advanced audience intelligence
with detailed audience breakdown and
individual organisation tracking (Y1).


The new CMS re-platforming and new design complemented the SD report, and is better suited to a diverse, time poor audience with high expectations of digital.

We designed this solution to be totally inclusive, using a thoughtful matrix of content: bite-sized highlights for browsers, clear structure for fact finders and well chosen typography for in-depth readers. Our new platform enabled all content to be interactive, searchable, multi-format, personalised and actionable. It created a seamless experience between the website and review, not just in design and user interface, but through shared content and features. We embedded into the corporate site, maximising the sharing of content and features so that the integrated story extended across the entire user journey.

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